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Fasting Connection

Welcome to our fasting forum and intermittent fast support network

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Introduction to Fasting Part 1

Introduction to Fasting Part 2

Intermittent fasting team

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"If your car stops running, you go through a few motions:
1. Try to start it.
2. If that fails, open the bonnet and look for something obvious.
3. If that fails, go buy the book "How to fix a car".
4. If that fails, get the manufacturer's handbook.

If your body's functions play up, the motions are similar:
1. Wait and see if you get better.
2. If not, go to a pharmacy and put some chemical into your body.
3. If that does not help, go to my colleague who studied "how to fix a human".
4. That failing, go read the Manufacturer's Handbook."

by The Fast Doctor



Fasting Connection is a rapidly growing on-line community comprised of people from all walks of life united by common goals of reaching their ultimate life, health and fitness potentials through practice of fasting.  (Visit our friendly forum and become a member)

Water Fasting
is not a diet!  It has been practiced for thousands of years in every part of the world for spiritual and health related benefits.  In the past 100 years more scientific evidence has been collected to prove the immense value of fasting in the process of healing. It is the ultimate, most natural way to detoxify your body, reverse and slow down the aging process, achieve mental clarity and develop spiritual strength .  Through fasting people have been reaching their weight goals, healing diseases, and rising up to higher levels of their creative and athletic abilities. A whole new world gets discovered as you incorporate this ancient practice into your life!

(Share your fast with us on our Group Fast Blog)

Dedicated to the art of fasting and its many forms, Fasting Connection provides its members and visitors with information on Dry Fasting Water Fasting Juice Feasting and other related topics including Natural Hygiene and Fitness.  We strive to stay updated on any scientific research available and maintain a database of articles.

is an area where people can journal their daily fasting experiences, share their goals and plans, get support and advice from fellow fasters, as well as developed new friendships.  Our Forum area, with its multitude of categories and topics, is a place where questions are answered by experienced fasters and medical experts specializing in fasting.  In addition we have specialized Groups that connect people interested in specific forms of fasting, such as Dry Fasting and Intermittent Fasting and our special 010 alternate day fasting group.

If you have any concerns about fasting please visit our Contraindications page and our Fasting FAQ page.

If you would like to make a donation and you can also leave a note if you wish.


David Feuerstein – Founder
Residing in London, UK, David spent years studying various alternative healing modalities which eventually led him to experimenting with a long juice feast in 2005.  From the amazing results of that experience a Fasting Connection website was born.  Since then David has been fully committed to provide the best learning and networking environment for anyone interested in reaching their ultimate health and life potential through the art of fasting.

The_Fasting_Doctor_image.jpgDr. André Kruger
 AKA The Fast Doctor 
– Medical Expert, Fasting Expert and "Posts For The Fast Doctor" forum Moderator

A life-time resident of South Africa, Dr. Kruger has been active in orthodox medicine as well as holistic health practices since 1979.  He is an internationally acknowledged expert in Water Fasting who shares his time between managing his Health Hydro Hoogland Fasting Retreat and working on medical projects around the world.  Fasting Connection feels fortunate to have The Fast Doctor as one of its main contributing members. If you have benefitted from his professional support please consider purchasing his highly educational e-book sold here: Health Won e-book and if you would like to experience a supervised water fast please check out his fasting retreat:  More about the Doctor here:

Ben Masdon Site Administrator and IT Advisor
Ben is a computer professional residing in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA.  His battle with a lifelong weight issue has been resolved through the discovery of fasting and eventually brought him to Fasting Connection where he found the necessary support to complete a 30 day water fast.  Ben is proud to be a part of this expanding web community and has been contributing his time to the maintenance and development of the site.

Scott D. Atwell (Ockeghem) – 
Scott is a regular faster and originator of the Fasting Connection's 'fast by month' category (October Fast, November Fast, etc.).  He is also a forum moderator for the 'fast by month' category and the Looking For a Fasting Buddy category.  Scott is a professor at Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan), is a music librarian and musicologist, and his primary instruments are harpsichord and piano.

Areas of specialty and interests: Canon and Fugue; Greek and Latin language and literature; Marathoning and Ultramarathoning; Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Shotokan {Kissaki-Kai} Karate); Medieval and Renaissance music notation; Television series (All In the Family; Charmed, Dark Shadows, Lost, The Outer Limits, Roswell, Star Trek); Theology; Twelfth- and thirteenth-century conductus, organum, and motet studies (St. Martial, Santiago de Compostela, and Notre Dame repertories); Fourteenth-century mass (Barcelona, Sorbonne, Toulouse, Tournai) and mass section studies; Fifteenth-century Franco-Flemish mass and motet studies; Music of Johannes Ockeghem; Music of William Byrd; Music of Johann Sebastian Bach; Music of Buddy Holley; Music of the Beatles.



Milena Albert-Mgeladze
– Director of Development and Dry Fast Moderator
A resident of Pasadena, CA, USA Milena came to Fasting Connection with a goal of educating its members and visitors on Dry Fast.  Through her personal experience and knowledge she has been inspiring others to explore this powerful type of fasting.  Milena dedicates countless hours to the expension and development of Fasting Connection ensuring that it becomes the fastest growing and most comprehensive website dedicated to fasting and natural health.

Yuliya Yakhontova
Raw Food Resources Coordinator and Forum Moderator

Yuliya is a New Yorker who manages the Woodstock Fruit Festival and has been a raw vegan for 9 years before becoming a low fat fruitarian.  Her own journey to health improvement and spiritual growth took her through in depth self-education in the areas of Raw Foodism and Fruitarianism.  Yulia is very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge on Fasting Connection.

Esmeé La Fleur Raw Food Resources Coordinator and Forum Moderator
Esmeé lives in a beautiful Northern California.  A follower of Natural Hygiene, Esmeé is an experienced  faster and a long time raw food vegan.  Her thirst for acquiring and sharing knoweldge  has been the driving force behind her decision to join Fasting Connection as a team member.

Cory Daniel Rees
Fitness Resources Coordinator and Forum Moderator
A sports enthusiast and an experienced faster, Cory lives in Arau, Malaysia. His passion for fitness has inspired him to learn and experiment with how fasting can help lose body fat, gain muscle and improve athletic performance.  Cory brings to Fasting Connection his personal experience, as well as his eagerness to learn more, and to share his knowledge with the rest of the community.

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