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Cascade Dry Fasting

Translated and Adopted by Milena Albert from the handbook written by Yevgeny Yugov of the Samoozdorovitelny Center "SPROUTS" 10/10/2005 edition and based on the system developed by Valentina Lavrova. Milena’s comments and additions are initialed with MA.


Fasting - is the only natural
way to heal for living beings.

Methodical handbook for the five-day dry fasting is comprised on the basis of combined experience in the Centre Samoozdorovitelnom "SPROUTS".

Dry fasting is sometimes called "absolute fasting." Dry fasting for up to three days is widely known in Russian as a component of fasting-diet therapy (4 *). It can be said with certainty that a dry five-day fasting is the further direction in the development of fasting-diet therapy of the future, but not yet officially tested.

The feasibility of a dry five-day fast became known for the first time from the publications of Lavrova, Valentina. (1 *), (2 *). On the basis of known information and new results it could be argued that the five-day dry fast opens new vast reserved possibilities of the body cleansing and enhancing human immunity, given to it by NATURE. This is a natural, versatile and most effective method of all the existing methods of purification, healing and rejuvenation of organisms of all living beings.

The dry fast cleanses the blood, gastrointestinal tract and other organs from infections and parasites, regenerates tissue of all organs, activates metabolism throughout the body, eliminates allergies, removes "toxins", can dissolve tumors, rejuvenates skin, darkens hair, and so on. Cleansing of the body occurs at the cellular level. And the whole healing process is conducted by the Chief Physician – the utmost wise Nature.

Before you begin dry fasting it is necessary to thoroughly and consciously prepared yourself with caution.    

1. Specifics of dry fasting method

1.1. Dry fasting is carried out with no food and no water.

Do not: drink, wash face, wash hands, brush teeth, rinse your mouth, get in the rain, avoid contact with water. If you have to wash dishes, you need to use rubber gloves.  

Note: Since most of us have to function in a society while fasting you can wash hands, just do it as fast as possible. The rest of the rules are particularly important as your fasts become longer. – MA

1.2. Nutritional and water regime in the preparatory period and during the intervals between the days of dry fasting.

Note: If fasting for 24- to 36 hours no preparation is necessary as will be noted by the author of this handbook later in the text.-- MA

refined sugar, sweetened products, artificial sugar replacements , salt, salt-containing products, meat (beef, lamb, pork), coffee, alcohol, smoking.

fish, poultry, eggs, any dairy products, honey, stevia, fruit, dried fruit, berries, raw and cooked vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seaweed, wheat bran, various hot cereals, soaked seeds of grains and legumes. Particularly beneficial are biogenic (living) food - sprouted grains from different cultures, green shoots of wheat "Samovyzhivanie" (6 *). It is allowed to drink clean filtered water, no-sugar added juices and other drinks, herbal tea, mineral water, to wash your face, taking shower, bath, etc.

1.3. Indications and contraindications for Dry Fast.

Indications and contraindications, which are listed in this section are suggested only. All human organisms have individual uniqueness, different immune systems and the character of disease can be different as well. If for one person with a particular illness it can be an absolute contraindication to dry fast, for another it may be a relative contraindication. A careful, attentive and individual approach towards treatment with Dry Fast of each disease is required for each person. Therefore, the presentation of this section, the indications and contraindications should be considered provisional. Common indications and contraindications in fasting-diet therapy, including the three-day Dry Fast, outlined in an information source (4 *).

1.3.1. Uses:

  •  cardiopsychoneurosis in hypertensive and mixed type, and hypertension stage I and II;
  •  initial manifestations of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (except for the condition after suffering a severe heart attack and atherosclerosis cardiosclerosis with cardiac rhythm and conduction as well as severe heart failure (II b and III level));
  •  bronchial asthma and obstructive syndromes;
  •  pulmonary sarcoidosis stage I-II;
  •  functional diseases of the digestive system (functional dyspepsia, biliary dyskinesia, irritable bowel syndrome);
  •  chronic gastritis and gastrodoudenity;
  •  chronic cholecystitis and nekalkuleznye pankreotity;
  •  chronic enteritis and colitis;
  •  deforming osteoarthritis, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis (except in cases that occur with high activity and corticosteroid-dependent);
  •  diencephalic obesity nutritional and constitutional origins;
  •  dizovarian infertility;
  •  prostate adenoma;
  •  Skin allergies (chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, drug or food poliallergiya);
  •  sores;
  •  neuroses, depressive state, sluggish schizophrenia;
  •  resistance to drug therapy.

1.3.2. Diseases for which Dry Fast should be undertaken with care, with special attention and individual approach:

  • cardiopsychoneurosis by hypotonic type;
  • cholelithiasis (high lithogenicity bile);
  • urolithiasis (oksalaturiya, phosphaturia, uraturia);
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • varicose veins;
  • Iron deficiency anemia;
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • early childhood (up to 14 years) and old (over 70);
  • insulin-independent diabetes mellitus (Type II);
  • gout.

1.3.3. Contraindications:


  • new malignant growth and hemoblastosis;
  • active tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs;
  • hyperthyroidism and other endocrine disorders;
  • acute and chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • chronic liver and renal insufficiency of any origin;
  • pyo-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs and the abdominal cavity;
  • marked activity (III degree) of any localization of the inflammatory process;
  • circulatory failure b II - III degree;
  • Persistent irregular heart rhythm and conduction;
  • pronounced deficit of body weight;
  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Type I);
  • bleeding disorder;
  • unknown diagnosis of the disease.

2. Preparatory period

Two weeks prior the start of Dry Fasting it is recommended to start implementing the recommendations set forth in Section 1.2.

One week before the start of Dry Fasting it is recommended to fully switch to vegetarian food.

At the end of the preparatory period one should have a last meal and during the last hour drink water as much as possible, it is possible to add lemon or honey.
Dry Fast (not strictly) begins after the last sip of water.

3. Scheme of the Cascade Dry Fast:

In schemes of Cascade Dry Fast:

The word "fast" - understood everything stated in clause 1.1;
The word "eating" - understood everything stated in paragraph 1.2;
"The period of dry fasting" - these are days of fasting and subsequent days of eating until the next fast begins;
"The total period of dry fasting" - it's all the days of fasting and eating from the start of the first fast to the break of the last fast.

Scheme 1. "Sparing Cascade"

Scheme 1 is recommended for people uncertain and performing Dry Fast for the first time.

Period 1: 1 day fasting - 1 or 2 or 3 weeks - eating
Period 2: 2 days fasting - 1-2-3 week - eating
Period 3: 3 days fasting - 1-2-3 week - eating
Period 4: 4 days fasting - 1-2-3 week - eating
Period 5: 5 days fasting - the break of Dry Fast.

Scheme 2. "Cascade of Lavrova"
Period 1 (alternate day): 1 day fasting - 1 day eating, repeat as many times as desired.
Period 2 (two in, two out): 2 days fasting - 2 days eating, repeat as desired
Period 3 (three in, three out): 3 days fasting - 3 days eating, repeat as desired
Period 4 (four in, four out): 4 days fasting - 4 days eating, repeat as desired
Period 5 (five in, five out) 5 days fasting - 5 days eating, repeat as desired

Scheme 3. "Short Cascade"
1 day fasting - 2 days eating.
2 days fasting - 3 days eating.
3 days fasting - 4 days eating.
4 days fasting - 5 days eating.
5 days fasting - break of Dry Fast

Scheme 4. "Abbreviated Cascade "

Scheme 4 is recommended for experienced fasters, but after a very long break between cascade fast cycles.

3 days fasting - 5 to 10 days eating. 5 days fasting - the break of Dry Fast.

Scheme 5 "Five"

Figure 5 is intended for well-prepared.

5 days of fasting – break of Dry Fast.

Scheme 6. "Cautious Cascade "

This cascade is similar to Scheme 1, but with increase of a fasting periods not by days but by 12 hours increments (if any challenges to health).

There are other schemes of DF.
4. The recovery period (5 days)

4.1. In the brief (24- or 36-hour fasts) Dry Fast special preparation for the fasting is not required and strict break of Dry Fast is optional. However, the first meal after the Dry Fast should be moderate.

4.2. Mandatory rules of the Dry Fast must be followed:

Rule 1


  • Breaking of long Dry Fast. (Long duration of fasting Dry Fast is two or more days).
  • After the Dry Fast the body becomes pure, so it should be reloaded only with clean, fresh, high quality products with no pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Break of Dry Fast must be strict because the breaking of the Dry Fast is more important than the process of Dry Fast.
  • If the beginning of Dry Fast occurred, for example, at 18:00 hours (the last time water was consumed), then the break of Dry Fast should also happen at 18:00 hours (even 5 minutes before is not allowed).

Note: In the case of 36-hour Dry Fast, if the fast commenced at 18:00 hours, then it will end at 6:00 o’clock in the morning the day after. – MA


  • At 18:00 you can brush your teeth and drink cool (especially chilled) clean, boiled water - as much as you want, you can use a lemon. It should be drunk in small doses with breaks during the first two hours. It is not allowed to drink warm, hot or mineral or raw (unprocessed) spring, nor any other water.


Note: You can drink any water as long as it has been purified. By “unprocessed” spring water author means water straight from the natural resource. -- MA


  • In very rare cases, the first sips of water might cause nausea. Then, every sip of water should be kept in the mouth, mixing it with saliva and then swallowing in about 20 - 30 seconds. Drinking water can be combined with washing in the shower. After showering, it’s good to pour over yourself some cold water, and then take a warm (not hot) bath with herbal extracts (not more than 8 minutes). Along with washing continue drinking water till 20:00 hours (for the next 2 hours).
  • At 20:00 hours consume animal made protein in the form of milk products: fat kefir as much as desired, in small portions. In kefir you can add fat sour cream. It is allowed to eat organic or homemade cottage cheese. While consuming it is necessary to ensure that there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • At 22:00 hours eat a warm protein based broth (as much as desired), fish or chicken, no vegetables, well cooked, no salt and no bread. The soup can be cooked with spices (but do not eat the spices).
  • After the Dry Fast eating should be resumed with small portions. This extended fast breaking time is necessary for gradually increasing load on the pancreas, which has been dormant during the fasting and should now be carefully reengaged back to its work.

Rule 2 for the first two days.

  • The first two days after the Dry Fast must include drinking of pure water, eating mainly fresh protein-rich foods of animal origin: fatty yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, fish and chicken broth, boiled fish, chicken, eggs, etc. On the second day in the morning you can eat a slice of bread (no yeast is better), and in the evening - a hot cereal (oatmeal) or boiled vegetables.
  • Within the first 2 days you cannot eat raw vegetables and fruits, and raw foods of plant origin.
  • If you have eaten something wrong, and you feel nauseous, or you experience a metallic taste in the mouth, or have a rotten egg tasting burps, or swelling appeared, you must urgently drink a glass or two or three of kefir and switch back to animal protein.
  • Rule 2 is mandatory for everyone, including vegetarians. This does not contradict a vegetarian diet. This is necessary because after the Dry Fast body is in a dire need of “building materials”, i.e animal protein, for the synthesis of proteins and new cells.
  • Violation of Rule 2 can lead to negative consequences!

Note: I do realize that for those of you who are on a vegan, raw vegan or fruitarian diets following the above rule would be impossible. I just want you to keep in mind that these rules were developed through clinical studies and they do have validity. However since then much research has been done in support of plant based protein. Hence, if you do not consume meat or seafood and dairy, pick the most protein rich plants, fruits and veggies for your recovery period. Personally when breaking the fast I consume animal based proteins (dairy and fish), veggies and fruits -- MA

Starting from the third day, you can gradually consume the food specified in Section 1.2. and also well assimilated calcium compounds, for example, well-cooked fish heads and bones, Calcium Hydroxylapatite (before meals), etc., as well as the waste product of bee: honey. The food should be diverse and well saturated with vitamins and micro-macro elements. During the first five days after the break of Dry Fast use only fresh, clean and high quality products. You cannot eat: salt and salt-containing foods, sugar and sugar products. During this period, beware of infection, pathogenic microorganisms, nitrates, etc.

Rule 3

During the complete period of Dry Fasting, especially in the days of fasting, it is necessary to air the room, often perform physical exercises, walks in the fresh air, perform breathing exercises. Body needs a periodic light physical activity, and oxygen.

Rule 4

Under no circumstances should the predetermined length of fast be extended, since it corresponds to a pre-programmed psychological state. For example, if you prepared for a two-day fast it is not allowed to move to three-day fast, even in very good health condition. Conversely, if you're not tolerating hunger well, you can always break it ahead of time, observing the rules of strict breaking of Dry Fasting.

Rule 5

For the first time starting Dry Fast is allowed only with one-day fasting, moving gradually to 2, 3, 4 and 5 and fasting under the cascade schemes of DF.

Rule 6

During the Dry Fast it is not allowed to use any drugs, do not relief the pain and tolerate it instead. If the pain is unbearable, then you can break the fast ahead of time, observing the rules of strict fast breaking.

Rule 7

Before fasting, during fasting and after dry fast no enemas are needed, since the absorption of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract is absent due to lack of water.


5.1. On the crisis of acidosis

During the Dry Fast no food or water enters the body, i.e, a complete stop of flow of energy from the outside. The body is forced to produce energy and water endogenously, i.e, internally. Therefore, body experiences different, unusual chemical reactions, i.e altered metabolic processes. As a result the old and diseased cells get destroyed, leaving only strong and healthy, which will give a strong and healthy offspring. A very important moment in Dry Fasting - is crisis of acidosis, which occurs after the transition to endogenous feeding. Do not fear if you feel ill during this period, for beginners, it usually happens on the third day. (For some people the transition to endogenous feeding during the 5-day Dry Fast could pass without the expressed crisis of acidosis). Crisis of acidosis occurs when the concentration of ketones (products of incomplete decomposition of triglycerides or fats) in the body increases, but the method of their utilization was not yet found. During this period a person might feel unwell, there is a presence of the typical signs of toxicity (nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness). However, once the utilization of ketones begins, their concentration ceases to increase and, as ketones are high-energy components use of them as fuel, starts the synthesis of new amino acids, which can lead to tissue regeneration. The regeneration process may occur with strong pain, and one should be prepared for that. In the initial stages of Dry Fast crisis of acidosis can happen on the 5th day in the future - on the 4th, 3rd or even 2nd day after starting Dry Fast. The sooner the crisis comes, the faster it passes, the more time remains to renew the body. For example, if crisis of acidosis occurs on the 2nd day of the Five-day fast, then the regeneration will continue for 3 days.

5.2. Self dry fasting - a very serious business. Everyone is responsible for themselves.

5.3. Conditions for obtaining positive results:


  • MOST IMPORTANT -- is an active preparation of the individual consciousness on self-improvement (best with performance of medical meditation, which should contain images of health changes in the troubled organs and throughout the body). (7 *);
  • faith in the benefits of DF;
  • healthy lifestyles;
  • confidence in the existence of large reserve capacity of your own body;
  • strict adherence to the methodology of dry fast;
  • compassionate attitude towards ALL and good mood;
  • hard work on mind development, because only the higher level of consciousness is able to create and maintain a high level of the physical body!

5.3. Useful information for the DF.

  • DF is tolerated much more easily than water fasting and juice. The first DF (most difficult) should be cascaded, as illustrated in Scheme 1. During the cascade DF body gradually gets used to the lack of food and water and also learns to gradually change the chemical reactions to launch other metabolic processes. The body remembers these changes, that is why the following DF can be conducted based on Scheme 5. The third and subsequent DF based on Scheme 5 gets even easier.
  • It is helpful to make a calendar schedule for the total period of DF including days of the week. It is best to plan a break of DF for the weekend.
    It is helpful to plan a menu for in between days of fasting.
    In is necessary to prepare and stock up in advance on kefir, yogurt, broth and other products with possible early exit from the DF.
    It is advisable to record the results and all of his feelings during the DF in his diary: the amount and condition of the urine, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight change, stool, etc. Purification of the organism occurs not only during the DF, but also after.
  • Develop friendly ties for consultation with people who have experience in DF, especially doctors - supporters of the DF.
    During DF do not take offense from anyone, be kind to everyone, do not get irritated, do not argue, do not scold, do not allow negative emotions, avoid negativity. (Do not come to a dead closer than 5 meters).
    If you started a cascade five-day fasting and began to feel bad (in the crisis of acidosis), you cannot completely stop at the third or fourth day. You should take a few days to rest, gain strength again and continue the DF to bring it up to five days.
  • Adding up a large number of days of DF does not mean anything significant. For example, five one-day DF and one five-day DF - are not the same thing.
  • During DF one should save the body strength and not waste any energy.
  • The number of eating days between the fasts can be increased at personal discretion in order to gain weight for the subsequent period of fasting.
  • It is advisable to conduct the 24-or 36-hour DF weekly, for example, on Mondays, and 5-day DF - 1 or 2 times a year. According to some reports fasting is best done during the descending moon (in a darkened moon).
  • If you have problems with liver, it is necessary to flush the liver before and after the DF.
  • Necessary in advance, before the DF program clearly in your mind the break time, for example, at 18-00.
  • Do not be fooled by pleasant feeling of lightness and health after the DF. If you're not planning to change your life and raise your spiritual level, your body after some time will return to its former state.
  • The process of DF for everyone is different.
  • THINK!



6. Information

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