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Fasting Connection

Welcome to our fasting forum and intermittent fast support network
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Contraindications to fasting

(Curtesy of the American Dietetic Association, 1990)

Absolute contraindications

1. Malignant Arrhythmias.

2. Unstable Angina.

3. Protein Wasting Disease (Lupus, Cushing's Syndrome).

4. Major System Failure (Liver failure, Renal Failure).

5. Drug Therapy causing protein wasting (Steroids, Antineoplastic agents).

6. Pregnancy or Lactation.


Relative Contraindications

1.Congestive Heart Failure.

2. Drag Therapy with Potassium Wasting Diuretics, Adrenergic Stimulating Agents.

3. History of Failure of Compiance with Medical Regimens.

4. HIstory of kidney stones/gallblader stones or suspected kidney stones/gallblader stones caution as water fasting and perhaps even juice feasting can precipitate the elimination of stones which can be potentially very painful.

4. Substance Abuse.



1. Angina or History of Heart Disease.

2. Rapid Heart Beat (Supraventicular Tachycardia) (Not from ADA Association).

3. Presence of Systemic Disease.

4. History of Psychiatric or Emotional Disorder.

5. Chronic Drug Therapy (Insulin, Oral Hypoglycemics, Anti-Imflammatory Agents, Psychotropic Agents.)


Yo-Yo Dieting and hazards please read these two links:


An important note from John Fielder:

After fourty plus years of supervising fasts(water only),in a wide spectrum of medical conditions, including diabetes, as mentioned here, it is my considered opinion that long fasts(beyond three to seven days), should only be considered and undertaken after:
• An unspecified period of preparation involving the eating of raw foods,exercising,sun-bathing, etc.In other words, living an Hygienic Lifestyle.
• The above regime to be continued until such time as the organism indicates the readiness to fast by (1) loss of hunger, and/or (2) onset of a fever(healing crisis).
• Under no condition should any-one who has been habitually taking the following medical drugs in the previous six months or more be advised to undertake a fast. They include:
• Marijuana,The Birth Control Pill, Cortisone, HRT.
There may be other medical drugs of which I am as yet aware of, that could be included in this list.

I would further state that fasting is not a "game", to be undertaken by the unwary, and uneducated. And due to the prevalence of the use of medications,both prescribed and over the counter, as well as the social drugs, and vaccinations, most people's bodies have been so polluted, and depleted, that we are now dealing with potentially dangerous situations when prescribing the fast.It behoves any-one offering supervised fasting, to be doubly careful in their practice. The old saying,"If in doubt, don't" is ver applicable here.

John L Fielder DO,DC,ND(Adel)
Osteopath & Lifestyle Consultant
Academy of Natural Living

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