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My first two water fasts

18 Feb 2010 13:50 #4440 by kbikov
kbikov created the topic: My first two water fasts

Below is the account of my first two fasts taken from my journal. I want to share it with all of you in case your are curious about the fasting experiences of other people. I am not seeking a particular advice, but am always open to feedback.

I apologize if this forum is not the most appropriate place to publish this sort of stuff. Maybe the F.C. Blog will be more appropriate, but since this is a one time entry I decided to publish here.

Thank you!


First Fast (3-days)
I parted with the year 2009 contemplating a daily yoga practice and devotion to my physical, mental, and spiritual self. As soon as the new year started, I was faced with a challenge: first, I was sick with the flu; then, I had great discomfort and pain in the abdomen. I was even more worried about my GI symptoms because I could not fail to link them with physical discomfort in other parts of my body. This led me to pursue a short 3-day water fast.

The Fast
On Wednesday, Jan 13, I embarked on my first 72-hour long 'water' fast. During this fast I had some tea, some vitamins, some bee pollen, and a lot of water. So it wasn't a true water fast. When I started I did not know much about fasting, and I quickly set out to learn. In retrospect I did not enter the fast correctly. I should have eaten only fruits in the days before the fast. On the upside, I was very careful when I was breaking the fast. I ate minimally the first day after the fast and my meals consisted of clementines and vegetable broths.

Second Fast (70-hours)
- After the first fast I followed almost impeccable diet that consisted mainly of vegetables. Initially I limited high-sugar fruits, grains and seeds. I stayed away from dairy, coffee and caffeine containing products, as well as all kinds of sweets. I reduced considerably the amount of fat in my diet. I also started going to the gym every day which made me feel very well. My condition improved markedly and my worries lessened.
- Soon after starting my exercise program, I noticed that I had an increased appetite for dairy products and sweets. I ate goat's yogurt, cow's mozzarella cheese and butter, honey, molasses, maple syrup.
- In the days before the fast my condition worsened again and I had another episode of spasms and pain (but less compared to the first episode).

The Fast

* The Day Before

- Throughout the day I prepared myself for a short fast by eating mostly fruits - I also had one avocado, some lemon, and an apple-kuzu-tahini drink.
- At about 9 pm on Friday, Feb 12, I ate my last meal, which consisted of a steamed apple and an apple-kuzu drink.

* The 1st Day Of The Fast

- I woke up on Saturday feeling cold. I took a hot shower, did a nasal rinse and had a B.M. After that I meditated and did gentle yoga practice for a while.
- I worked for 2 hours.
- I spend a couple of hours "healing my life" under the guidance of Louise Hay.
- The day passed without any physical complaints. I went to bed at 11 pm feeling cold. I dressed up well and covered myself with enough blankets to warm up.
- I woke up during the night feeling hot. I went to pee, drank water and took off the extra layers of clothes and blankets. For the rest of the night I felt comfortable and warm.

- During the night I had painful sensation in my abdomen in the familiar lower left place, and I had acids.

* The 2nd Day Of The Fast

- I woke up at 8 am with pain and gasses, which I relieved and after that the pain subsided/disappeared. My BP in the morning was 114/64 and my HR is 84.
- I felt well today. I worked for a total of 3-4 hours and did 30 minutes of yoga. In the evening we watched a movie until 11:30 pm.

* The 3rd Day Of The Fast

- I woke up easily at 6:00 am. I felt fine. I took a shower, shaved, and did Jala Neti. My BP in the morning was 108/69 and my HR is 96. I noticed that I am having shallow breathing.
- It is 9:40 am and I am working. I feel calm. For the past 2 hours I had discomfort in my anus, my waist and my lower left abdomen.
- I am drinking enough water so far. The water I've been drinking until now, 12 pm, tasted okay but it has been sitting in my office for about 10 days and has a faint odor. I just opened a new bottle of spring water.
- I walked with X for 30 minutes in a very high pace. On the way back we climbed the stairs (12 stories high).
- During the day I felt like I could fast till Tuesday morning, but when I came home I already had decided that I want to eat.

At 7:00 pm I broke my fast. I ate a cup of split pea soup which had carrots, ginger, celery, onion, and mushrooms inside of it. I also ate some white bread and a minuscule ammount of cheese, and I tasted a piece of my favorite baked tofu. I gave my self 30-40 minutes of rest and at 8:00 pm I drank a cup of plain apple-kuzu sider.

- It is 9:15 pm and my ears started itching 15 minutes ago. I also feel tired. I am going to meditate for a while and then I am going to bed. I am happy I did my little 3-day fast but I know that I could have ended it with more grace.

* The First Two Days After The Fast
I feel very well. I eat in moderation and feel calmer than usual. I also have more awareness and will power.
I have had two weak B.M. that produced yellow to yellow-brown stools with little mass.

Before I started the first water fast I weighed close to 180 lbs. After the second fast I weigh 165 lbs. Some of the loss is undoubtedly muscle, but I am determined to go to the gym regularly and gain my muscle back.

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