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Staying young

06 Dec 2013 03:30 #18965 by Stu L
Stu L created the topic: Staying young
Hi. Yesterday I bumped into some guys I used go fishing with, many years ago, I was greeted with amazement, is that you Stuart I heard, how come you don't look different, what's your secret, anyway we had some laughs and went off to have a beer and swap fishing stories.
I never did tell them my secret (not that it is a secret, it has been well studied in science labs on different creatures under the name of calorie restriction or IF) mainly as I am sure they would not believe me, or might think me a crank or if they did, they would probably fail if they tried.
My so called secret is regular fasting, two or three times a year, followed by healthy eating, and exercise.
The exercise bit is easy if you are slim and fit, it's fun, but if your overweight and out of condition it is a horrible torture, I know I have been there.
Happy fasting people.

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06 Dec 2013 07:48 #18966 by danielle
danielle replied the topic: Staying young
I agree. I'm 42 and everyone thinks I'm in my 20's or 30's. Not eating definitely keeps you youthful (also in spirit!)

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06 Dec 2013 12:41 #18970 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Staying young
I'm 45 and people regularly think I'm 28-32. I also make sure not to over feed my cat. I adopted her in may at the age of 9 and I want to spend as much time with her as I can.

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