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13 Feb 2014 21:31 #20245 by cfs
cfs created the topic: Post fast review
I'd like to provide an update on my 28 days water only fast, 11 days after I've broken the fast.

I've undertook such a long fast in an attempt to try and heal my auto-immune condition. I'd start by sharing how I learned about fasting, how the fast progressed and will finish by what changes I'm now seeing.

After years of research on healing CFS/ME/Candida, and adhering to very natural diets that consist of only fresh foods, with nothing processed at all for six years! I eventually came across some talks by Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr Nick Tancheff and Dr Alec Burton that explained how fasting may be helpful to various conditions. I was especially intrigued with Dr Tancheff YouTube video on his journey to health and felt that our conditions were similar and that a long water only fast may help me too.

I looked up Dr. Paul Bragg Miracle Fasting and Fasting Can Save Your Life by Dr. Herbert Shelton and decided that my fasting time has arrived.

The first 4 days of the fast were easy going, thereafter I started vomiting for two days. Lots of bile stuff came out. Than I had couple of days of rest and again the vomiting of bile/acid returned.

I've decided to get in touch with the various doctors mentioned above. All were very supportive and understanding but did ask me to either consider going into a medically supervised center or to get in touch with my family doctor who they'll be able to guide on what to look for in my blood tests.

Day 14 again more throwing up. On the 18th day my energy started to go down, I started spending more and more time in bed.

Continuing to look for support and information on water only fasting, I came across another YouTube talk about fasting by The Fast Doctor (Dr. Andre Kruger). The Fast Doctor approach to fasting was different to the others, mainly in his practice of the Elimination Cycle whilst fasting. Basically he explains that we need to support the body in the detoxification process via light exercise and sweating.

The Fast Doctor also reminded me in the talk that it is giving the body the space and time to heal which matters so much, rather than trying to keep ingesting medicine, foods and herbs when unwell. Being inspired by the doctor and feeling that I understand fasting a little better, I decided to contact him as well.

Luckily when I phoned he was around and I was put through to him. He was extremely supportive, he did advise me to get supervised and was willing to work with my local family doctor to let him know what blood tests and measurements we would need. I didn't take him up on that either. At the time I felt weak and didn't think it was necessary to have blood drawn out of me. Though I would definitely have a blood test if I fast again for such length of time.

Back to the fast, on the 21st day, towards its end, I finally entered into a 'proper' detox cycle (healing crisis). I was throwing up all the time, couple of times a day. My tongue and mouth started to taste of metals. On the 25th day it all became very difficult to me and I didn't manage to sleep. Also the taste in the mouth changed to glue like, maybe its from vaccines (or their binders), or general anesthetics (which I have had several times in the past). Hard to tell!

Eventually, on the 28th day, I consulted with The Fast Doctor and decided to break the fast. My heart beat was weak to the extent that I felt like fainting, and as I wasn't supervised we didn't know what was going on under the surface.

I must say that without the constant support of The Fast Doctor I wouldn't have lasted that many days. He was replying to my emails and allowed me to phone him when I needed his support and advice most. I felt that he was very caring, careful and informative. All of which strengthened me and allowed me to go for the full 28 days. But I do not recommend fasting without supervision, and would not go to that length again without being constantly monitored by medical professionals which I trust. Just today I heard of a health shop owner who's mum died not long after a 30 day unsupervised water only fast. She was ill for many years before hand and he believed her heart muscles were too weak to sustain such a lengthy fast, and as she wasn't supervised no one was able to tell if she were in a safe state or not, unfortunately she wasn't!

Here you can see details about my condition:

Its hard for me to know when the condition started. I wasn't breast fed, the food I grew up on wasn't the most natural either. I had all the vaccines on offer until I was 21. Had allergies since ever and several operations. So it's hard to tell. Although life interfering symptoms started at 22 years of age.

Therapies that helped so far, having a mainly raw food diet, some types of antihistamines (though I'm into healing not medicating symptoms so I'm not taking any medication for years now!), grounding sheet, safe amalgam removal, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy been very help to me, but again didn't heal me, so long as I went I felt better, as soon as I didn't go I would slowly retreat back.

Brain fogs and digestion were my main struggle. With brain fogs you can't think properly, can't make decision, can't learn new stuff, lack balance, vision and hearing issues too. And I'm only 30! Digestion wise means eating most foods will make my brain fog worst, needing to be next to a toilet after each ingestion, never feeling full, even after having a huge meal.

Due to all of these, I have discovered that a fast may indeed be helpful to me too. And it was, it would have been much better if I could have been supervised, the body does go into unstable mode which I wasn't familiar with but I'm afraid in the UK I couldn't find someone to supervise me at the time.

The Fast Doctor referred me to Fasting Connection for further support, articles and info. There I got connected to the moderator David. David lives in the UK and we had a couple of phone chats and texts whilst I was fasting, which again was very helpful in keeping me going especially through the last days of the fast when I was vomiting so much and not succeeding to sleep.

Today, 11 days after my main fast, I've kept fasting every 4-5 days for 36 hours as I was recommended by The Fast Doctor and after learning about intermittent fasting. I broke the fast with a little fresh mango blended in water (similar to baby food), from there I moved to other fruits purees, after three days I moved to raw vegetable salads that were soaked in olive oil and apple cider vinegar for several hours to help break down their cellulose and fibrous matter.

Conclusions from the fast:

My digestion hasn't been in such a good shape in at least 6 years! I can now digest most fruit and vegetables in both their raw and cooked state. I do take from time to time raw goats milk yoghurt and kefir from organic grass fed goats. Before I wouldn't be able to hold it for long, but now it’s not a problem, the opposite these products makes me feel good. I've been eating cold smoked mackerel, which again before I couldn't hold in any fish or garlic or onion. Now I have those mixed and it's just a pleasure knowing I don't need to worry on whether they'll digest or not and can I leave the house or not.

My brain fogs have improved somewhat too (I wouldn't been able to write this before the fast!!!) and so are my allergies, but not fully cured. I believe for my specific condition, perhaps a longer fast would have helped. But as I wasn't supervised and due to the described symptoms I was getting I had to abandonment before the body was fully healed. Perhaps in the future I'd look into another lengthy fast. Certainly I'd like to be supervised at that time.

I'd like to thank all the above doctors who gave me their time and guidance, and to The Fast Doctor and David for all their continuous support and for putting this site together.

Thank you for taking the time to read my personal journey and feel free to get in touch with questions and do share your own story (the more fasting records we know of, the better understanding we will have of this unique biological mechanism for healing).

With gratitude,


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14 Feb 2014 06:39 - 14 Feb 2014 06:47 #20253 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Post fast review
It's gr8 to see Idan on these forums. I'm sure many people will benefit from his experience.

From my experience I need to warn against giving a person a "label". CFS or CFIDS or ME has variably been disputed in many scientific medical circles. This may be because not all people with the condition has the same underlying illness. Thus tests that "diagnose" this in some sufferers may be perfectly normal in others.

It is important always to stand back a bit and re-assess "from scratch" what is really going on. Sometimes this may lead to surprising findings. For example I had this patient who had "confirmed" ME/CFS and his wife literally "carried" him into my office. They produced a series of blood test results "proving" his condition due to the presence of certain viruses. What I did was to test the wife for exactly the same viruses and found that she had more than him...

Idan has apparently conquered at least a large part of his disease. Frustrating part at this time is that we do not know exactly what it was/is. But with people like this at least we are discovering cures.. and in time will learn progressively more about the underlying mechanisms.

Fasting remains the ultimate intervention in these difficult to identify conditions. It can do no harm but it may do a lot of good.

Best wishes Idan and thanks for sharing.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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14 Feb 2014 11:00 #20260 by cfs
cfs replied the topic: Post fast review
Thank you so much for leaving such an insightful response again Dr. Kruger!

I agree with the 'diagnose' or 'misdiagnose' paradigm! and indeed, the body mechanism for repair/readjustment via fasting is incredible and so natural/basic for animals.

I hope the fasting helped your patient!

Keep up the great work!


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14 Feb 2014 14:03 #20261 by shae
shae replied the topic: Post fast review
Thank you so much to take the time to post about your fasting experience.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius
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