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2 weeks Fasting and Diabetes - recent case

20 Feb 2014 14:47 - 20 Feb 2014 15:33 #20424 by Arcady Economo
Arcady Economo created the topic: 2 weeks Fasting and Diabetes - recent case
I want to tell you short story about one of our guests - Sara Bert, from Finland, age 56, arrived on March 2013. Her main diagnosis: Diabetes II type, advanced stage.

Sara arrived to Budapest on March 30th. We met her at the Budapest airport and brought her to Medical Spa Hotel, located on the beautiful green park- island “Margit”. We booked her a comfortable room with a wonderful view on the Danube. Sara came to our program with a very strong motivation: to lose 10 kg in 3 weeks and to detoxify her body. She insisted on 21 days of water fasting. Usually we do not allow water fasting for more than 4-5 days if client has no experience in fasting before. However, she told us she had experience in fasting: 2 weeks in countryside in Finland, 2 weeks juice fasting in Thailand. Her last fasting experience was 7 years ago. Therefore, we decided to try to go 2 weeks on water fasting (0 Cal. per day) and last week juice fasting (actually 200-300 Cal.a day).

On the next day of her arrival, we checked her cardiovascular system with an experienced and certified local medical doctor, as the main contraindication for fasting is arrhythmic heartbeats. Luckily, her heart was functioning normally. Meanwhile Sara had many health problems: she suffers of typical symptoms of the metabolic syndrome. She suffers arthritis, thyroid gland disease, hypotyreos type 2, fibromyalgia, atherosclerosis and hypertension. However, her most dangerous age related disease was diabetes, II type. She was diagnosed diabetes 10 years ago and since that time, her diabetes progressed sufficiently, so her family doctor advised her to start insulin injections. Her journey was her last chance to try fasting as a last remedy to defeat her diabetes progression.

After making all necessary discussion with our medical staff, we decided to approve a preliminary plan described above. On her first day with us, her last meal was special fruit salads with carrot, apple and orange. Before going to bed she took laxative, double dosage pills to clean her gastro intestinal tract. Her blood sugar level next morning, her 2nd day was 9.5 (obvious diabetes). Normal range is between 3.5 and 6.2. So, from 2nd day she started drinking only water (0 calories per day). On the day one her blood pressure was 150/100, but gradually it lowered down in several days and becomes normal 135/80. Her blood sugar level also gradually went down and on the 7th day of fasting it to 7.0. During this first week, Sara was very active, walking in the morning in the park 5-7 km every day. She had a massage every second day. Budapest is famous for its thermal spas, which benefit to treat many health problems. Hence, she visited thermal spa pools, located in the Hotel.
The first fasting week was very successful to Sara, her general condition improved substantially. She dropped 3.5 kg and experienced only minor side effects such as headache, and sleepiness, which often occur in the beginning of fasting. Her pain reduced sufficiently. So we were glad to see how her fasting was going and decided to prolong her water fasting for a second week as planned before.

Being experienced fasting practitioners, we knew that diabetes is a very serious disease and can bring us unpleasant surprises. Something happened on her 12th day of fasting. Sara felt very irritated, had dizziness, vision problems, weakness: typical syndromes of diabetic pre coma conditions. We immediately measured her blood sugar level and it was 3.2. It is interesting, that on this crisis 12th day her blood pressure jumped to 170/110. But blood sugar level was more important for us. Usually for clients, who have no diabetes, it is normal that blood sugar drops to 3.0, even 2.0. Non-diabetic people usually tolerate well such low sugar, as at that time after long fasting period, the main fuel in the body becomes not glucose, but ketone bodies from fat. Even the brain, whose usual energy source is glucose, starts to use ketone bodies as up to 70 percent of source fuel after several days of fasting. So at that stage in the brain, only 30% of energy is from glucose. After about a week of fasting, the whole body metabolism changed dramatically, but in a good direction: the body uses fat as a main source of energy - and most important - uses as a fuel all “wrong” tissue materials, like damaged proteins, week old cells and many other old and damaged tissues. All small tumors are shrinking and use as a fuel firstly.
Patients with advanced diabetes metabolism have no such plasticity as people free from diabetes. So, we have to be very cautious as for a person with diabetes more time is needed, that means more fasting days in order metabolism starts changing in a right direction. That is why we changed our tactic for Sara. We had to go something like “one step back and two steps ahead”. So we decided to break a fast and switch Sara immediately to juice fasting, but in fact her fasting was still continuing, as she got with juices only 200-300 calories a day, and we used mostly vegetable and fruit juices with low content of glucose and sucrose. So, the next morning after she started taking juices her blood sugar was 7.6. On the 14th day it was 6.4, on the 16th day 5.5, on 18th day 4.8 and on the 21th day actually the day of her departure her blood sugar level stabilized at 5.0 that was an ideal value for healthy person. So, did Sara cure diabetes? Obviously, it was a tactical victory over diabetes, but not a strategic victory. The main battle with this disease will be homework for Sara that she will do after coming back home. From now on Sara must change her nutrition style completely according to the recommendations we gave to her. And what about her weight? In 21 days she dropped 9 kg. And blood pressure during her last week dropped again to normal values.

Conclusion. To treat or prevent serious chronic illness, like Diabetes II type, someone have to follow fasting regimes not once, but do it periodically, minimum 2 times a year, or better 3 or even 4 times per year. We name such anti-aging diet regime “Anti-Aging Cyclic Nutrition”. Next time I tell you about another recent case with person, who suffered panic attac due to proscar withdral syndrome.
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20 Feb 2014 15:01 #20425 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: 2 weeks Fasting and Diabetes - recent case
Thank you Arcady, this is really informative. I am happy to hear that pure fasting is practiced there.

Do bear in mind that Ketones have ANTI-arthythmic effects and can often help rather than exacerbate irregular heartbeats. It has the same effects on brain cells where it can prevent epileptic fits.

We also help the body "shift" to fat earlier by doing the Hydro therapy cycles...

Thank you for sharing.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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21 Feb 2014 00:34 #20442 by david
david replied the topic: 2 weeks Fasting and Diabetes - recent case
Very informative thank you Arcady

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