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Detox/ Fasting

06 Jul 2014 23:24 #22581 by mdedlund
mdedlund created the topic: Detox/ Fasting
I have a question for anyone currently fasting or with experience fasting. Can anyone tell me if they recall having sediment in their urine during their water only fast. For example, urinating in a clear mason jar and checking to see if it is cloudy or clear. Thank you

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07 Jul 2014 05:34 #22582 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Detox/ Fasting
Welcome with your first post dear Mdedlund!

Indeed we quite often see sediment in the urine during a fast. (And all fasting is by definition water only!) There are many reasons for this... under the microscope I typically observe "amorphous material" (non specific) is such urine. But sometimes I also observe huge numbers of epithelial cells, which might indicate that the urinary tract is using the opportunity to replace its lining.

It is more important to check the chemistry of the urine... check for protein in particular. This often indicates the early stages of kidney disease but also often clear up during fasting. Such clearing would suggest kidney repair.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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