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Water Fasting Starting of Day 1

01 Aug 2013 05:40 #17839 by sviken0529
sviken0529 created the topic: Water Fasting Starting of Day 1
It is about 10:00 pm. Leaving a message to post my start of fasting.

I decided to have no date goals or weight goals.

I really just want to get my health back and have a healthy lifestyle.

I also do not want to fall into a fasting and feasting lifestyle which truly shows the self control was not meet.

I want to be raw vegan and it is a battle.

However I want to fast to cleanse and hope with cleaning it continues to strengthen self control and renew my body.

Currently 216.4 I have maintained a 24.6 LB weight loss this year but I am not on track with my weight loss or fitness goals which is important to my health.

Well here I go again.

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02 Aug 2013 05:14 - 02 Aug 2013 05:16 #17854 by sviken0529
sviken0529 replied the topic: Water Fasting Starting of Day 1
Day 1 8/1/13

Time 10:00pm

Start Weight 216.4 LB Current Weight 214LB Lost 2.4 LB

I cooked and tasted food which is a weakness on fasting.

I am working on stopping that.

My face is really broken out, not with pimples but with bumps.
As I was on a raw fruit and veggie diet for a week before this.
Normally my skin is clear.
I can not wait to see it clear back up.

I also can not wait to get under 200LB.

It was motivationing to get on the sight today and see people fasting for 30+ days as I engage on my month fast.

Praying I can overcome the flesh and stimulate my mind to get a project done for the Lord.

Have a great day/night!
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