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I want to fast to loss weight for wedding

31 Jan 2009 11:53 #2287 by Nicki P
Nicki P created the topic: I want to fast to loss weight for wedding
I started to fast to lose weight for my wedding and also i heard that water fasting can help to help with my depression that i have had for many years....The water fast worked for me last week losing 6lbs in weight and loads of inches of my waist.....But this weeks i have been weighted and found my self putting weight on How???? I've put on 8oz...I'm so upset i just dount know what to do anymore. :huh:..I found that the water fast was helping me with my depression,,but i also wanted it to lose weight to..I feel so low and down at the moment as i put in 100%..

I have been walking for up to 3-5 miles aday could this be the problem??:(

I just want to be able to smile again after my abuse and i dont want anyone to hurt me again...:( :(

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31 Jan 2009 17:37 #2290 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:I want to fast to loss weight for wedding
Your walking can explain this yes, but please don't call it a "Problem"!

I have noted people gaining weight during a fast (I mentioned it on these forums before). We researched this by determining body composition and came to the conclusion that fat energy (35 kilojoules per gram) was partly converted to muscle (17 kilojoules per gram).. thus if you gain weight during a fast, you actually lose MORE fat than when you lose weight!

Bear in mind that in these circumstances, you have to supply energy to survive, PLUS energy to build muscles. As you are not eating, all this energy has to come from your fat.

Weight is NOT a good measure of what's happening in your body. Body VOLUME would be better, and I'm currently building a chamber to measure this. You could do a few measurements yourself.. simple things like circumferences of your waist, thigh and upper arms for example. If you could add a few skin fold measurements, that will help also.

We who fast regularly are really jealous of those able to gain weight during a fast!


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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