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New and Full of Questions

01 May 2009 01:08 #3486 by MissMixed
MissMixed created the topic: New and Full of Questions
I'm new here. I have been struggling with my weight and the crippling damage to self esteem and mood that goes with being overweight.

I'm 5'5", and 175 lbs, 20 lbs of which I gained in the past month and a half. My eating habits are "mindless" and emotion-driven. As I feel worse about myself, I eat more.

Frustrated, I have been reading about many methods of weight loss and means to take the obsession out of my relationship with food.

The more I read, the more I think fasting may be the means to achieve this. I am pouring over the forums here, but find it overwhelming. I thought asking my questions upfront may be easier.

My questions regarding fasting are as follows:

1. To acheive fat/waste loss and minimize muscle loss, what would be the recommended fasting method? Time period (body willing)?

2. Is there significant hunger with any particular method, if not all? (I'm looking for a transformation, and achievement of control over my body, not self-torture.)

3. Does fasting result in that irritating stomache gurgle?

4. Is it recommended for fasters to take supplements?

5. Does fasting lead to headaches? Over-urination?

6. Can fasting affect skin and hair health?

Any help is appreciated. I'm very interested and hopeful that this way of life will be the key to regaining my health and peace of mind.

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01 May 2009 05:20 #3493 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:New and Full of Questions
I'll try, dear MissMixed, to address your very valid questions:

1. My experience is that to stimulate fat loss, you need to activate the fat metabolism prior to a fast. You do so by actually eating fat during the last meal before fasting. And to minimize muscle loss, you exercise during fasting to "signal" to the body that your muscles are not redundant.

2. There's less hunger if you fast actively and employ the detoxification cycle(s) (See FAQ's) at least twice daily. These serve also to mobilize fats in anticipation of their need.

3. "That irritating stomach gurgle" is likely caused by a conditioned reflex (Read about our dear dr Pavlov).. one your body gets de-conditioned from eating according to the clock and start getting food based on biofeedback, that will stop.

4. I don't recommend any "supplements" to any person unless there's an overt disease present. For me a "vitamin" (Isolated from its natural food source) and an "antibiotic" falls in the same category: To be used only where indicated, at the lowesd effective dosage, for as short as possible.

5. The side-effects of fasting is individual, dependent upon your make-up and the toxins you have accumulated. During the active fast, we see much less, and usually no, detox symptoms.

6. Most definitely skin tends to clear up during a fast. And hair is of course part of the skin. But bear in mind that hair often reflect what happened in the skin a few months ago, as they slowly grow from the inside of the root.

Please make an effort to read the FAQ's and if possible the forums. Some e-books, a lot of experience and information is available on this site.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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