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detoxification in a blended diet

18 Feb 2011 17:32 #5907 by Isa
Isa created the topic: detoxification in a blended diet
Hi Doctor.

I have to abandon my vegetable juice diet because I have to work

I am on a raw food diet, and I usually make three blended meals a day (about 1000 -1100 calories), from subacid fruits and vegetables

I make some daily workout routines, and I want to increase them; when I eat I have plenty of energy.

My priority is detoxification, so I would like to know how much time do you think it would take me to completely detoxify my body following this plan of eating...

I observe in the past that following this plan I loss weight steadily and rapidly (about 2Kg per week)and I have always the tongue very coated (exactly in the same way that when fasting) and also tend to sleep very little...This make me hopeful that my body is capable of detoxifying itself in a rapid way, and maybe exercising more I can accelerate the process...

Thank you very much for your advice!!

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18 Feb 2011 18:01 #5908 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: detoxification in a blended diet
Thank you for your implicit trust dear Lady..

I usually make sure that I am well into a fast if I have a very hectic work schedule.. after all, when you live on your body fat, you get about 35 kilojoules of energy per gram whereas you get only about 17 kilojoules per gram from a typical diet (carbohydrates or protein). Thus, if you do NOT experience a much higher energy level during a fast, it implies either

(1) that you do not (yet) have access to the fats (too early in the fast) or
(2) there are some toxins released from the fats that makes you tired.

Therefore I advise generally increased activity during a fast, focusing where possible on repetitive cycles of detoxification activities.

A juice diet can sometimes contribute to tiredness in that it keeps your body anabolic, thus almost preventing full catabolism. In the latter case, the fats may not enter the energy supply system.

Based on your past experience you could consider doing a bit more elimination activities during your diet (see the 5-step cycle under the FAQ's) and this should boost your energy.

If things still remain as is now, you might need to consult a professional to do some investigations (such as thyroid functions) and individualize your regimen as in this medium we can obviously only offer "generic" advice.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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18 Feb 2011 18:57 #5909 by Isa
Isa replied the topic: Re: detoxification in a blended diet
Thank you very much for your prompt answer!!
It was very useful to me!!

I will take your advice about exercising...In the past I was a little worry about exercising during the detoxification process for fear of getting too much tired and don´t be able to remain in the diet...But since exercise helps so much in detoxification, I will increase my workouts...I also will do the other steps of the cycle of detoxification (the brushing, and sauna, and cold down...)

In fact, the third day of my vegetable fast I was very tired, but when it passed I felt more energetic...but I can´t sustain a vegetable fasting while studying for an examination(I suffered from emotional eating, so it is psychologically very difficult for me to handle the two things at a time!!): In a blended diet of fruits and vegetables I feel physically very well, but I have been always attempting to do a relative long water fast or a vegetable juice fast for consider them faster and the best way of detoxification...I wanted the fresh breath in my mouth the sooner possible!!

But I have to be patient and remain in the blended diet of fruits and vegetables until the detoxification process finishes, although it takes much more time than in a real fast: I know it is what I can handle psychologicaly!!

Thank you and have a great day!:)

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