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Undereating (in raw food diet)

03 Mar 2011 17:05 #6017 by Isa
Isa created the topic: Undereating (in raw food diet)
Hi André:

I would like to know what it is what you call undereating and your opinion and experiences about it...

I imagine it is something like eating under your so call caloric daily needs, but I am not sure...

I am very interesting in this because I have read such amount of topics about the so called caloric needs...But hygienic literature and fasting have given to me other insights and my experiences too: I know I feel better and more energetic in a raw food diet of 1000 calories from fruits and vegetables than if I increase my daily consume...

I think that the so called calculated caloric needs are relative because if you eat a more quality diet and your body is not enervated by toxic ways of living and eating your caloric daily needs would considerably diminish (you would be nourish with less quantity of foods)

But I have never eaten in these way sufficiently time enough (a few months, for example) to knew the long time effects: as I don´t want to be undernourished or very underweight and above all I don´t want a lack of energy I imagine that when the body fat reserves are nearly exhausted you need to increase your caloric intake above your metabolic daily consume...

I would like very much to know your opinion and experiences about this subject, and of course, of every person interested in the subject...

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04 Mar 2011 01:13 #6025 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: Undereating (in raw food diet)
Thanks for the stimulating remarks and questions, dear Lady!

To really answer these, one could write quite a thick book, if not an encyclopaedia.

In a nutshell: Thre's just no substitute for biofeedback. Part of this feedback of course includes intelligence. You will notice if you get too thin (unless you have anorexia nervosa) and can then simply increase your energy (calories) intake to gain weight.

Fruits and vegetables have the advantage that they supply so much more than just energy. Their micro-nutrients work on numerous levels to improve your health.

Energy needs are also elevated by stress, as this tends to energize your ambulatory systems based on instinct.

But please bear in mind that the larges energy consumer in your body is your brain.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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04 Mar 2011 18:26 #6031 by Isa
Isa replied the topic: Re: Undereating (in raw food diet)
HI André!!

Thank you very much for your answer!!

It is exactly what I wanted to know; so I am very gratefull for your
effort of summing up :) (I know when one know much about a matter, it is difficult to be concise and in the time one has to answer too)

So I can simply trusted my instints; they will tell me when I need more intake!

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07 Mar 2011 03:08 #6062 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: Undereating (in raw food diet)
I personally would call under eating is when your on a diet what normally recommend 500 less calories than the amount you use in bmr + exercise.

I remember when I was in the gym there said if you eat less than this it would reduce your metabolic rate and you wouldn't lose anything after a while.

Never really dieted in my life apart from for the past few months, where mainly I just been fasting as I find it easier.

I think by under eating all the time all that will happen after a while your body will need less and less energy so it wouldn't be that efficient. When I was living at home my sister must have been on nearly every type of diet none of them really worked for her in the long term.

But by fasting and eating it gives your body time to raise your metabolic rate back up before forcing it to use your fat as it has no other source of energy.

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09 Mar 2011 23:13 #6103 by Marsh
Marsh replied the topic: Re: Undereating (in raw food diet)
I've not really tried 100% raw fruit, but always kept undereating most of my life
I run, swim and go to the gym, even though my calorie intake is below the norm. There are times when I would treat myself, and you said the body can adjust to a low calorie diet. It it true, this happens, but the body becomes more efficient, as it uses more % of it's food, to make it go further. even though my stomach is empty 95% of the time, and has small amounts 5% of the rest, the body copes quite well and still can run 12 miles+
However, on a raw fruit diet, you may need twice as much to get the same energy, even it is more filling (more liquid) and more pure.

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