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Probiotics During Juice Fast

27 Aug 2011 16:36 #9028 by kania0512
kania0512 created the topic: Probiotics During Juice Fast

I am currently looking into either water fasting or broth/juice fasting for Lyme disease. I have gone to a clinic in Germany that practices Buchinger fasting. Basically it's 4 oz of veggie juice AM, clear broth for lunch, and tea with honey for dinner. Because of fungal overgrowth issues I skipped the juice most days and instead of tea with honey I had another clear broth for dinner.

My question - I know during water fasting it is not recommended to take anything but water. However, during a fast as described above, would it be ok to take probiotics? The clinic I went to also did daily mini-colonics. Would I be wasting my money if I took probiotics every day during this fast?

Other than getting rid of Lyme and co-infections bacteria, I am trying to eliminate fungal overgrowth and rebuild my gut flora.

Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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28 Aug 2011 00:37 #9033 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur replied the topic: Re: Probiotics During Juice Fast
my understanding is that acidophilous is for the small intestine and is best taken orally and yes it would be fine to take it during a fast of the type you describe. bifidus, however, is for the large intestine and is best taken as an implant in the evening before bed. put it in a small amount of water (4 oz) and insert into colon and try to retain all night. this would be feasible to do as part of your program also. you may want to read donna gates book the body ecology diet.

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28 Aug 2011 00:53 #9034 by kania0512
kania0512 replied the topic: Re: Probiotics During Juice Fast
Hi Esmee,

Thank you...I have Donna Gates' book and have read it. I am also familiar with taking aciophilus orally and doing bifidus retention implants. I just wasn't sure if it was ok or made sense to do so during a juice/broth fast. I am thinking the daily colonic will clear out the good and bad guys. I guess I could do the implant after the colonic and try to retain it.


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