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Please post here if you specifically need a Medical Expert's Opinion on your health or fasting related issues. The Fast Doctor will reply time permitting but please please read the FAQ and forum topics before you post as you are bound to find your answers on the FAQ page. And if you have benefited from The Fast Doctor's support please consider purchasing his e-book: Health Won as a token of your gratitude.
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Re: couple of questions...
by david
15 Dec 2014 07:55

Ketosis 14 topics

All about Ketosis

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The Active approach to fasting developed by The Fast Doctor which involves five steps to assist with the detox process.

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Diseases & Cures 101 topics

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Re: Systemic Candida
by MarcM
08 Dec 2014 20:30
For and against: Benefits while fasting etc.

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Whatever your concerns and interests are regarding losing weight by fasting this is the place.

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Re: My own routine
by Ockeghem
05 Dec 2014 17:48
is it necessary to take vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, salt etc during a fast. And the importance of Dolomite

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post here for any fasting related topics which appeared in the news

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