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Banana mono diet

19 Apr 2012 02:26 #10732 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 created the topic: Banana mono diet
Im thinking of doing a bananan mono diet for a month or two... reason for this. I want to be on a raw diet to cleanse myself and lose weight.why just banana? i wantit simple so im planning to eat only 3-5 bananas a day. I dont work out, but i do work for 12 hours 3 times a week.

what is the benefit of doing this? will i achieve the cleansing benefits such as mental clarity, increase awareness, etc.? will i lose weight?

what are good fruits for mono diet?

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15 Jul 2014 23:30 #22730 by david
david replied the topic: Banana mono diet
This topic is covered on this forum thread

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