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Raw Vegan Lifestyle 15 topics

All posts related to eating raw food especially vegan where animals aer left out of the equation. Please also check out our Raw food section. Moderated by Yuliya and Esmee La Fleur
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Bean Sprouts,pulses and sprouted seeds
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Wild Herbs 3 topics

Non cultivated plants, also known as 'super plants' as they don't need any human help to grow. The art of bushcraft teaches how to survive on these plants when living in the wilderness.
Re: Purslane
by borota
13 Aug 2011 21:47
A movement started buy Guy Claude Burger who's first book was 'La Guerre Du Crus' (The War of Raw) He also started a totally Organic distrubution network throghout France: Orkos Diffusion which still exists today. Google it for more info.
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