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God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!

24 Mar 2012 18:34 #10519 by virtouswoman
virtouswoman created the topic: God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!
I need to get my life back!!! I need to feel the Lords prescense in my life again!!!
I dont expect everyone to understand why I choose to fast as a means of gaining my life back and at the same time getting back closer to God. This is what I truly feel will help me focus on only HIM!!

I've lost 180lbs five years ago. Even now at 5'10 182lbs I still face trials with food. People tell you how beautiful you are NOW that you lost weight- if only they knew how ugly I felt inside. To see people eating care free and I sit at the table with them counting every bite in my head- feeling like crap after it all- Its torture thinking all day "What to eat, should I eat this no I ate too much of this, OH NO how many calories is that!?"

I have an obsession with food for years. Five years ago, I finally resulted to a severe restriction in food by the ag of 20. I wouldnt call it healthy, but it did the trick. LOL I've mainted all except 20lb of my 180+ lb loss. Now I am trying to get my health back! Get my life back. I attacked the scale lbs but never fixed the root- my food obsession is still here! I need to free myself. I think a water fast along with meditation and prayer is the only thing I can do. I pray to have atleast a 14 day fast- once I reach that I will see if I can go 30!! Ive tried on several attempts and failed because of the power food has over my head. The reason I chose to water fast is also to read and learn as much as I can while I drink only water. Once I know more about this wonderful process I can then move on to more advance types of fasting. Im so exxcited and so committed this time around!!!

Lord give me strength, and friends PLEASE give me support!!

God bless you all!!

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25 Mar 2012 09:52 #10528 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!
Welcome Virtouswoman,
I know what you mean about watching people eat while you're counting every morsal that you put in your mouth. It is not your fault. It is because of the type of food we have grown up eating. Food that has such concentrated flavors and tantalizing aromas that it can be very hard to step away from the table, even if your very life depends on it. I have a couple suggestions for you. Go to the list of recent forum topics and look for one that says something about saliva leaking from the side of the mouth. This post was written by a man who has lost weight and kept it off by fasting 5 days per week. His posts were very interesting and you might learn some tricks that you can use. When you begin your fast, I hope you'll post in the blog section. Also whenever you start to feel like you want to eat, read old blog posts. You will be surprised at how it will help you not to eat.

When you feel hunger, remember that it comes in waves. It builds in intensity, peaks, then fades away. When you're in the middle of the wave, you may not realize that it will pass. Try to keep yourself busy. Read, pray, clean your house (my favorite thing to do while fasting...internal and external housecleaning!) get busy doing anything that keeps you away from food, the kitchen, television....TV is the worst!!!!....Soon the urge to eat will pass for a while and you can feel good about the success you feel avoiding food.

Perhaps you can dedicate your fast to someone in need, maybe someone from your church or congregation that whenever you feel hungry, you can pray for them. I've found that sometimes it is easier for us to do something for someone else rather than for ourselves. We've been taught that it's 'selfish' or 'pride' to think of ourselves. I think this is incorrect but that doesn't mean I don't struggle with it. For me, I find it helpful to encourage others to continue their I think, I can't quit, so and so is depending on me to fast so they can fast.

Anyway, I'll be fasting for the next 7 days (maybe a few more to get to 10) so we can encourage each other. There seems to be a lot of people starting a fast right now...check out the blogs and the forum. Feel free to post on my 7 Day Water Fast forum as well as "Badly Needs a mentor" forum.

Best of wishes to you as you fast. Please keep posting!

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26 Mar 2012 06:03 #10546 by virtouswoman
virtouswoman replied the topic: Re: God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!
You are AWESOME!!! God bless you!!

Do you have a blog or anything!! You could be a great mentor to someone like myself!! =)

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26 Mar 2012 22:40 #10559 by Bena
Bena replied the topic: Re: God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!
God Speed your weight loss goals and mostly your journey closer to Him!

I am so committed this time as well. This is day one for my 30 day journey. I'm rooting for you!

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26 Mar 2012 23:27 #10560 by virtouswoman
virtouswoman replied the topic: Re: God is calling me to him! I FEEL it!!
YAY!!! Im half way into my first day as well!! Im soo excited yet soo weak lol the sight of food I will faint hahah

I know this will pass soon!! Keep me posted sis!! :)

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