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Day 17

23 Mar 2013 15:02 #15809 by sviken0529
sviken0529 created the topic: Day 17
Day Is the Start of Day 17-

Seems like a long time to go yet 5 more days.
I started this fast for spiritual reasons, to break barriers down and see how I can peruse my purpose.

I decided to put my scale away because it became an obsession, and started to want to loss weight for the wrong reasons. - I just want to be healthy, I don't need the scale to tell me if I am eating healthy and working out. I can do both those and be happy.

I was stuck in a state of laziness, apathy, I want to get my stuff done but I can't.
I have been very aggressive and a workaholic as people would call it, very focused and driven. I figured I would be able to do that with my God assignment, but failing really bad. I personally expect more from myself. I have to know past is past and don't worry about the future which I see for America is not going to be well, unless we turn to God.

I am going to and was studying the seven deadly sins and repented for all I have done in these areas and looked at which ones the devil is trying to use to pull me off course so I can proceed and be equip for spiritual warfare, so I can win this battle.

I can not wait to be done with the fast so I can drink juices and get my energy and strength up to continue my fight of faith.

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