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Water Fast, hubby and I

13 Feb 2013 08:06 #15349 by leeanne172
leeanne172 created the topic: Water Fast, hubby and I
Hubby and I are on day 5 of a water fast. We have not set a certain amount of time but just wanting to go as long as we can (within reason of course). So far it's been great !! We've been out for some walks and I actually feel like I have a ton of energy. We have both been experiancing some side effects of course, bad breath, that white gunk on the tounge, a bit of dizziness but it eases off quickly and for me some rapid heartbeat but it also does not last too long. We bought a ton of spring water, I think we have enough until Christmas lol. Hubby is drinking about 3 litres a day but I'm just taking it as I need it, not forcing myself to drink but I do end up finishing at least 1.5 litres in a day.
We have done this two times before but we cracked around the 5th day so getting through this day 5 will be great :)

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  • Ockeghem
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13 Feb 2013 15:28 - 13 Feb 2013 15:29 #15356 by Ockeghem
Ockeghem replied the topic: Water Fast, hubby and I

Welcome to the Board. :)

Congratulations on getting to day five. When I first started fasting, five days was a very big deal. I found that once I got to one week, I was at another level of fasting and could then keep going for a fairly longer time after that. For some reason, getting to one week really helped to boost my confidence.

Best wishes to you and your husband with your current fast.

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08 Mar 2013 04:46 #15669 by armadillojo
armadillojo replied the topic: Water Fast, hubby and I
Congratulations! You will find that should you choose to go on longer, you do get to a whole other level of fasting. You become much more philosophical, calmer, and much more able to tackle life's little challenges. And somehow, just KNOWING that you have done it, does wonders for your self esteem and your outlook on life. Fasting ain't easy--and the fact that you pushed through and made it to the next level really does boost your confidence, in other areas of life as well. I think your sipping approach with the water is good. I also do not flood my body with loads of water at a time---makes me queasy. Just a sip now and then when i feel the need.

Again, good luck to you and congratulations again.

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