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Journal for fast to improve digestion

01 Jun 2013 14:21 #16870 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 12 (cont.)

I consistently fail to mention that throughout this fast, or at least after the first few days, I have felt that my gum health was significantly better. Unlike a strict water faster, I am bathing my oral cavity with a tiny amount of sugar and starch (from my thyroid pills) a few times a day. So, I continue to brush, floss, and stimulate my gums with a rubber tip, twice a day.

The improved gum health is most noticeable when I floss. As I bring the floss down to the gums and run the floss back and forth the gums feel tougher and stronger. It's a subjective feeling but it is quite apparent.

My energy levels continue to flag. Just getting myself to the gym after work took an exertion of willpower. Once in the gym, I knew that I would only be capable of lower-intensity exercising.

I stretched my hamstrings and quads. Then I did a bodyweight "birddog" exercise to warm up. Then I did leg extensions on a weight machine. I did these very slowly. I did it with low weight and a lot of reps, since this is therapy for my injured knee. I try to stop before failure, since I aim to do it (or an isometric alternative at home) three times per week. Nonetheless, the last few reps get very intense and I can feel my quads cramping.

That was the most intense thing I did. Once I got on the cross-trainer to do some endurance exercise, I knew that I was not going to be able to do any high intensity intervals. My goal was only to make it through 25 minutes of moving my body. I also knew that I wasn't capable of getting my heartrate up very high. That was ok. I just wanted to put in the minutes. Not only was this fulfilling the exercise role in the elimination cycle, it is also part of the program I do for the knee therapy.

I then used the water jets in the hot tub for massage, followed by a sauna. In the sauna my gut was really acting up. So, I didn't stay in there as long as I would have liked.

Leaving the gym, I went food shopping. Already I am missing the joy of not having to deal with food. Even though I am not eating, I am preparing food to bring to work with me next week when my fast will be done.

At home, my son was intently preparing for a standardized test that he has to take Saturday morning. To release the tension a bit, he asked me to play ping-pong. I was totally exhausted, and only wanted to be in bed. But he's almost 17 and he might be leaving home in a year or so, so I do everything I can to savor the little time that we do have together. Accordingly, I agreed to play with him.

To my amazement, exhaustion and all, I played quite well.

For the day, I think that I drank about 2 liters of water.

5:16am BG 3.9 (71)
7:15am BG 3.8 (68)
7:17am ketones 7.2

I don't want to read too much into a single number, but I find it interesting that my ketones dropped for the first time. I wonder if that means that I am beginning to break down more protein as my fat stores decline. When I looked at myself in the mirror at the gym, I appeared rather skeletal. I am not too concerned because I know that I will rapidly gain back much of the weight that I lost.

Day 13

If I remember correctly, the Fast Doctor recommends doing and elimination cycle first thing in the morning. This is a Saturday and I have few obligations to anyone else. So it is after 10 am and I still have not done a cycle. I feel fatigued and just have not gotten myself to do it yet.

Tomorrow is a busy day full of planned commitments, so I am just enjoying doing nothing.

As usual, I feel tired. At home, as at work, I usually work standing up at my computer. But to write this I took a laptop, which I have not used in more than six months, so that I could write this post lying on the couch. It takes just too much energy for me to write this standing up.

Early this morning, while going in an out of sleep, I woke up with a start. My nose was completely congested and I could not breathe through it. I went back to sleep breathing through my mouth.

I also had my second food dream of the fast. Like many dreams, it was bizarre. In the dream I was just finishing eating an entire corned beef sandwich. In real life, I never eat any kind of sandwich, because I don't eat bread. After I finished the sandwich, I realized that I was supposed to be fasting, or, if breaking the fast, doing it with very light, easy-to-digest foods. I then worried that I would be in extreme pain as the sandwich destroyed my innards. Of course I woke up and realized it was only a dream.

My tongue still has some white coating remaining. It does get slightly less each day. But I don't think that it will be entirely clear when I begin my refeed.

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02 Jun 2013 12:17 #16875 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 13 (cont.)

I wrote, above, that the day would be my own. I was wrong. My son had a little league game in the afternoon.

It was very hard to do anything physical. I forced myself to do my first elimination cycle. I did some pathetic swinging of weights. Then I went to the shower.

At 3pm we walked to Central Park, where my son's game was. Although summer does not begin officially for 3 weeks, it was a blisteringly hot summer day. The heat did not bother me, though my wife was really struggling with it. But walking was difficult for me. I would rather have been lying in bed.

We walked home after the game and I slowly walked up and down the stairs a few times. Then I did an epsom salt bath.

Despite the brutal heat, I could not drink much. My urine was scanty in volume and dark in color.

5:16am BG 3.9 (71)
7:15am BG 3.8 (68)

Day 14

Format: Current (Starting)

Weight 146.4 lb (165.2)

Pectoral 8 mm (7)
Abdominal 9 (18.5)
Thigh 13 (12)

Bodyfat percentage 11.7 (14.7)
Lean mass 128.7 (140.7)

Waist 29.75 in. (33.5)
Butt 37 (38.5)
Chest 36.5 (37.25)
Left Thigh 20.75 (22.25)
Right Thigh 20.5 (21.25)
Left Calf 14.25 (15)
Right Calf 13.75 (14.5)

Again, I would remind readers that my ability to do caliper measurements and girth measurements that are reproducible is quite weak. So all such measurements are highly unreliable.

The number that really stands out for me is the abdominal skinfold dropping from 18.5 mm to 9.

I imagine that if I continue to inject insulin after I am eating normally, my body fat will return to its prefast levels. That would not be terrible. I was in decent shape before I started this fast. But it would be nice if I didn't need insulin to the extent that I needed it before the fast commenced.

This will be my last day.

My conclusion is that I did not achieve my goal which was to improve my digestion.

There were no other benefits except that I lost a significant amount of abdominal fat.

My tongue still has a small amount of white coating.

My plan is to do two elimination cycles today and start eating chicken stock made from boiled chicken bones. It's a busy day. I hope to break the fast at 6 pm.

Hunger was not a factor during the fast. In fact, I feel as if I could continue the fast if I wanted to. Diminished energy was a factor, but not to the degree that I think it would have been better to lie in bed all day. I am very happy that the Fast Doctor has written about the wisdom of an active fast. Although I functioned at a slightly diminished capacity, I am quite pleased that I avoided bed rest.

Everything that I have read (though not in the context of fasting) shows that bed rest is deadly.

Although I anticipate ending my fast today, I still plan on posting here for some period after the fast. My goals are twofold. I want to see if my blood sugar control has been affected by the fast. And I want to document the effects of breaking a fast with meat broth. There are virtually no accounts that I can find that discuss this issue. The only exception is Upton Sinclair's book The Fasting Cure.

I would like to thank David for creating this site and the Fast Doctor for his invaluable contributions to it.

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03 Jun 2013 12:59 #16879 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 14 (cont.)

It was a busy day with a lot of running around.

In the afternoon my son was in a tennis competition and there were no seats near his court. So, I stood for about an hour, standing under a pine tree, partly shaded from the sun.

Then I realized the ground was relatively clean so I sat for another 45 minutes.

I did two elimination cycles. Again, my ability to exercise was minimal. But I made the effort.

At 6:06pm I broke the fast by drinking one cup of bone broth. After drinking the cup I had to lie down. I have no idea what happened but in my imagination if was as if all the blood returned to my digestive tract.

I had another cup of broth at 8pm.

7:05am BG 4.0 (72)
11:28am BG 4.3 (78)
6:06pm broth
6:23pm BG 3.8 (69
8:00pm broth
9:20pm 5.1 (91)

Post Fast Day 1

I wanted to continue a bit after the fast since breaking the fast, say many, is a key element to a proper fast.

5:17am BG 4.7 (84)
5:45am BG 5.4 (98) broth
6:12am BG 4.8 (87)
7:13am BG 5.7 (102)
7:13am ketones 4.9
7:55am broth

So, it looks like my BGs are really shooting upwards. This surprised me since all the glucose must be coming from gluconeogenesis. I did not expect the watery broth to have such a large impact on my BGs.

I will start injecting insulin again since my target BG is 4.6(83) and I am going much higher than that without eating much of anything at all.

It was also fascinating to note that just a few servings of bone broth dropped my ketones from over 7 to under 5. I am still heavily into ketosis, but to a much lesser degree than during the fast.

I only have bone broth to last for today. My hope is to only have liquids tomorrow as well and introduce solid foods the following day. I might make plan old chicken broth, instead of chicken bone broth, to have tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have not weighed myself. I might be accumulating water, but I am certainly losing weight since a few cups of watery broth will keep me in caloric deficit.

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