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My water fast

03 Aug 2013 10:58 #17865 by TwiiinkleToes
TwiiinkleToes created the topic: My water fast
Good morning everyone.

I haven't been here in a while. A lot has changed since last time. I finished my year in Germany and am currently back in my home country for the summer.
Before I left I did an amazing 15 day water fast ! I was so incredibly proud of myself for accomplishing that. I had planned to finish at least 20 days and now I can't even remember why I stopped short of it.
My hunger had completely disappeared, my skin was looking clean, my eyes white & so on. My tongue was however still white and I wish I would have finished the fast because afterwards I fell straight back into bad habits and gained all the weight I'd lost in a matter of days.

Now it's time to go at it again. This job doesn't involve any cooking, smelling food or even seeing it so I think I´ll be able to do it without much temptation.
So this is it. I have fasted since midnight yesterday and today (3.8.2013) counts as my first day.
I am determined on making it at least 20 days and see if I am able to make it for the full 40.

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03 Aug 2013 20:45 - 03 Aug 2013 20:48 #17869 by sviken0529
sviken0529 replied the topic: My water fast
Awesome I will be pacing with you I am entering day three. I'm hoping for 30 days( longest fast was 21days. Let's see how much determination we have to get it done!

What I noticed from my water fast for 20 days I lost 22LB and I think a lot of weight comes back because of water weight you start carrying again after fast ends. 8-10LB, but I would say that would very hugely based on how much fat you have on your body as a faster. And Probably how effective you were at actually eliminating toxins in your bold, cause after my fast my legs swelled up really fat.

Be strong you can do it!

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04 Aug 2013 12:32 #17874 by TwiiinkleToes
TwiiinkleToes replied the topic: My water fast
Thanks for joining in ! It's greatly appreciated :)

I'm almost half way through day 2 and I can feel the detox symptoms already hitting me hard.
I have an awful taste in my mouth, a pounding headache and I am so tired. My shift ends at 8pm/20.00 and then I have two days off. I noticed however, while walking to work this morning (in horrible weather) that I wasn't feeling very hungry. Now my stomach is growling and demanding my usual lunch - which wasn't healthy at all.

I need to drink more water...

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