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22 Jul 2011 00:31 - 22 Jul 2011 00:31 #8569 by borota
borota created the topic: Purslane
In the area where I live people treat it as nuisance. Unless you poison your ground with chemicals, it grows you want it or not.

It is edible and tasty and according to this articles, , it has the highest content of omega 3 of all plants.

See this article too:

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01 Aug 2011 06:21 #8723 by tiffanyann
tiffanyann replied the topic: Re: Purslane
very interesting! thank you for your post...I've been interested in local foraging, but have never ventured beyond the dandelions that grow in my yard and some mushrooms that a friend showed me in a wooded area behind my home.
How unexpected that purslane grows in between the bricks of my front walk as well as along the side of my home! Looks like I will have to give it a try when I finish this fast!

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13 Aug 2011 21:47 #8963 by borota
borota replied the topic: Re: Purslane
You are welcome tiffanyann.
Before coming to US a decade ago, I ate lots of wild plants and mushrooms that I knew as being editable. Problem in US, I am not 100% sure plants/mushrooms I see here "behave" exactly the same as the ones back home. I heard people talking that editable mushrooms could cross-breed with poisonous types and become poisonous too. So best is to consult local people about what mushrooms are editable to that area, they say. Not sure if that is true or not.

For example oxalis ( ) where I grew up had white flowers in US where I live now has yellow flowers. I only ventured to eat it today, and a web search confirms is the same plant, just that it has yellow flowers:

This is another editable plant that people strive hard to eradicate...

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