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Medical Expert's Opinion 1070 topics

Please post here if you specifically need a Medical Expert's Opinion on your health or fasting related issues. The Fast Doctor will reply time permitting but please please read the FAQ and forum topics before you post as you are bound to find your answers on the FAQ page. And if you have benefited from The Fast Doctor's support please consider purchasing his e-book: Health Won as a token of your gratitude.
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Re: couple of questions...
by david
15 Dec 2014 07:55

Ketosis 14 topics

All about Ketosis

Moderators: TheFastDoctor
The Active approach to fasting developed by The Fast Doctor which involves five steps to assist with the detox process.

Moderators: TheFastDoctor

Diseases & Cures 101 topics

Moderators: TheFastDoctor
Re: Systemic Candida
by MarcM
08 Dec 2014 20:30
For and against: Benefits while fasting etc.

Moderators: TheFastDoctor
Whatever your concerns and interests are regarding losing weight by fasting this is the place.

Moderators: TheFastDoctor

Moderators: TheFastDoctor
Re: My own routine
by Ockeghem
05 Dec 2014 17:48
is it necessary to take vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, salt etc during a fast. And the importance of Dolomite

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post here for any fasting related topics which appeared in the news

Moderators: TheFastDoctor

Moderators: TheFastDoctor

Main Fasting Topics 737 topics

Same as Top tabs: Dry fasting; Water fasting; Juice Fasting; Spiritual fasting; Natural Hygiene topics
Low energy levels and food cravings can cause many to abort the fast so what can we do about it?

Moderators: TheFastDoctor
post here for your general water fasting topics

Dry Fasting 72 topics

All topics specifically related to dry fasting post here please moderated by Milena

Moderators: Milena
Re: My 9 day dry fast
by danielle
05 Nov 2014 19:25
Anyone who is juice feasting/juice dieting please use this topic to post your queries and fast journey/ experience.
Re: August 7th Fast
by Julie Doll
07 Aug 2014 15:13
Category on the benefits of fasting on anyone interested in fitness and sport. Also check out the articles page too. Moderated by Cory

Moderators: cory
This category is for those who work with rducing calory or food intake to achieve weight loss or optimal health so it does not necessarily include or preclude water or dry fasting, but the emphasis is on eating less or focusing on eating food with less calories.
All matters concerning fasting and spirituality including fasting and yoga, fasting and chakras, living on air etc
Any type of fasting or dieting which does not quite fit into the water, or dry fasting categories.
Re: Banana mono diet
by david
15 Jul 2014 23:30
It is very difficult to separate fasting from the philosophy from which it has emerged. This NatureCure/Natural Hygiene category is for all those questions regarding how to deal with all manor of health related issues by listening to all those great doctors of health (not wealth) who derived much of their knowledge and wisdom by observing Mother Nature. Moderated by Isa

Moderators: Isa
Any fasting that helped you remedy an illness physical or otherwise please share the good news with us.
Re: Staying young
by Lisafast
06 Dec 2013 12:41
Please post in this topic for your general health and fasting related posts. This section is not moderated by The Fast Doctor
Re: supplements for Candida
by david
07 Dec 2014 17:47

Raw Vegan Lifestyle 15 topics

All posts related to eating raw food especially vegan where animals aer left out of the equation. Please also check out our Raw food section. Moderated by Yuliya and Esmee La Fleur
No topics

100% Fruit 3 topics

Monodiet No topics

No topics

Mostly Sprouts No topics

Bean Sprouts,pulses and sprouted seeds
No topics

Wild Herbs 3 topics

Non cultivated plants, also known as 'super plants' as they don't need any human help to grow. The art of bushcraft teaches how to survive on these plants when living in the wilderness.
Re: Purslane
by borota
13 Aug 2011 21:47
A movement started buy Guy Claude Burger who's first book was 'La Guerre Du Crus' (The War of Raw) He also started a totally Organic distrubution network throghout France: Orkos Diffusion which still exists today. Google it for more info.
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