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Here is an explanation of what is Active Fasting also known as The Five Step Elimination Cycle so often discussed by The Fast Doctor in the forum.

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In brief, at least twice daily, try to perform the following steps in short succession:

1. Dynamic: Try to push your pulse rate up to (200 minus your age);
2. Tonic: WHILE the heart is still beating fast, massage this excess circulation into your skin (the main elimination organ during fasting);
3. Pyrophase: WHILE this excess circulation is still in the skin, activate the sweat glands in a sauna, steam room, hot bath or shower.;
4. Criophase: Cool down your skin to re-ropute the now "filtered" blood circulation back to the internal organs: Cold shower, plunge pool or allow the sweat to evaporate.
5. Stabilization: Now rest until you feel up to facing the next cycle.. or have to go to work. or just go to bed.



Forum post By The Fast Doctor:


you should be able to do the whole cycle at home:

If there's stairs at home, you can run up them a few times to get the blood circulation going. Stop just before you trip over your tongue.

The massage step can simply be rubbing yourself all over with a rough towel, a loufa, brush, a personal massage machine, or if you attach a shower extension to an ordinary water outlet, you can do a type of "Kneipp" hosing down massage on yourself: Train a water jet on your skin in transverse movements starting at the periphery (Hands/feet) and work up towards the core of the body.

Then spending time in a very hot bath or shower will perform the heat phase;

Turning the shower cold or getting out of the hot bath and allowing evaporation to dry you should suffice for the cold phase.

Last step: If there's a bed in your house, you can do the rest phase on that.. otherwise a sofa should be OK..

A professional massage for the second step is of course ideal, but not very practical in everyday life.

Meditating: When your body rebels around the 8th day, it's obviously trying to tell you something.. heed its messages. Remember that a well activated fasting metabolism remains at least partly active for several days after you broke the fast so it "restarts" really easily. I actually consider the resumption of a fast less than about 10 days after a previous one to be a continuation rather than a new fast. Checking for ketones in the urine proved that the "switch" happens a lot earlier under these circumstances.

So one or 2 days per week, plus 5 or 6 weeks per year, gives you over 80 fasting days per year.. that's enough for maintenance. I use longer fasts much more for specific healing of diseases and the short intermittent ones for "maintenance" or a "service" of your vehicle: Your precious body.


More info taken from another forum thread: 

I have often seen chronic diseases resolve during a fast, sometimes quite dramatically. This includes chronic Lyme's disease. The benefit is further enhanced by hydrotherapy (elimination) cycles, in particular the pyrophase (heat step) as an increased body core temperature also suppress microbial enzymes and make our peroxidases more active. Peroxidases is what your white blood cells use to make hydrogen peroxide, which is what it uses to kill cancer cells and germs.




How does a faster's day look like at  the Hoogland Health Hydro?

Dear Super, we try not to have "a day".. but aim for a timeless environment as far as feasible. There's a variety of Hydro therapy facilities available 24/7 so people are advised to keep doing elimination cycles whenever they are bored or feel up to it.

For the dynamic phase (exercise) we do nature walks, hikes, yoga or exercise classes, water aerobics, swimming or whatever fancies one at that point in time.

The tonic phase (massage) can be done in a jacuzzi or a much more powerful underwater massage, a booked manual lymph drainage or swedish massage or any of our indigenous Iketla massage treatments. Of those with pelvic congestion, a Sitz bath can also be done at this point.

For the pyrophase (sweat) we use sauna, steam room, steam cabinet or a warm jacuzzi pool

Cooling down (criophase) can either be a plunge in a cooled pool, a cold shower or a wet walk (where sweat evaporation cools you down)

Resting (Stabilization phase) can be sleep (bedrooms are in a separate wing, kept quiet all the time), reading in a library, TV, or simply lazing under the trees.

Fasting people ideally keep themselves occupied by dong cycles back to back. One cycle can take 5 minutes, another can take 2 hours and if you consider nighttime sleep a stabilization phase, that cycle can be up to 10 hours long.

Using biofeedback and not measuring anything, plus having a next phase to proceed to, protects you from over-exercising.